It’s all good

Hi guys. I‘m back in Torrevieja – feels like my second home now. The weather is absolutely fantastic and I enjoy myself with good drinks and food. I’m going to relax the rest of the day and out to lunch later. Maybe tapas?


Cheers, it’s monday!

The big test in the economy that took 5 hours is finally over. I have a few submissions left before I can take some time off from school. Holiday is coming soon ♥ But I’m never getting away from my work, it is everything to me. Well, […]

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Best place to study

There’s no place like home… ♥ I have a big test in economy at school tomorrow and looking forward to tomorrow’s over. Then I can relax a little bit and enjoy the last 2 days in Norway before heading to Spain with my family. I can’t wait!

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The Noham Café, Paris

Hotel Champs Elysees Mac Mahon, Paris France I look through photos from my first trip to Paris. Oh, I miss Paris … I’ve been in Paris two times and have stayed at Hotel Champs Elysees Mac Mahonl on both trips. I was so happy during our […]

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